Commercial Law and Companies

Execution and Bankruptcy Law


Criminal law

Civil Law and Inheritance Law

Commerce law is a subdivision that covers legislation. It regulates commercial relations between individuals. The provisions are basically gathered in the Commercial Code.

Debt is covered on demand of the creditor by seizing the movable and immovable assets of the debtor. In Turkey this area is regulated by the Execution and Bankruptcy Law No. 2004.

The definition of crime is the principles and theories that apply to all crimes, such as the general principles governing criminal law, the definition of the criminal concept.

It is the name given to the branch of law where relations of persons are not related to another law branch like public law.

Business Law

Maritime Trade Law

Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights 

Tax Law

It is a law examining issues related to workers 'rights, working conditions, workers' wages, trade unions and employer-employee relations. Disputes are usually found in civilian courts or labor courts.

It is a discipline that defines rules for the definition of water areas that States have the right to have continental shelf and sovereignty, and places a certain framework for utilizing international waters within these rules.

"Intellectual Property", also called "Copyrights", means the complete and spiritual rights that may be held on a work of art.

Tax law is included in public law. It is the subdivision that examines the legal direction of the state's financial activities. Financial law; tax (income) law, expenditure (expense) law and budget law.

Insurance and Transportation Law

Administrative Law

Real Estate and Construction Law

Competition Law

Insurance law is a private law that insures that the insurer is compensated for a premium in the event of a loss of measurable value by the person.

It regulates laws and regulations relating to the activity and organization of the person determined in the Constitution, deals with the functioning of public institutions and their relations with persons, which ensures the superiority and privileges recognized by the public and the rights and freedoms recognized by the individual.

Real estate law is an important branch of property law that regulates property relations with real estate. It contains laws and legislation in many subjects such as development law, land property law, cadastral law, zoning law.

To make necessary arrangements and inspections in order to prevent competition from competing in goods and services markets and to prevent abuse of dominance of undertakings dominating the market.

Foreign Lawful Transactions

Resolution of International Disputes Through Arbitration

Company Mergers and Acquisitions

Commercial Agreements

Banking and Finance Law

Joint Ventures

Liability and Compensation Law

Turkish Foreign Law, examines the rights strangers have and they are subject to restrictions because of foreigners being foreigners in Turkey.

At its core, arbitration is a form of dispute resolution. Arbitration is the private, judicial determination of a dispute, by an independent third party

Whether a company buys another company or multiple companies come together under the same roof. For various reasons, companies in different, same or similar sectors can merge with each other and change their position in the market.

Contracts between the parties must be prepared by experts to ensure that commercial relations at both the local level and international are realized on a healthier and legal basis.

To regulate the procedures and principles for ensuring trust and stability in the financial markets, for the effective functioning of the credit system, for protecting the rights and interests of the savings owners.

It is the common business structure that two or more legal entities come together to act together for a specific investment Project.

Compensation is paid by the responsible person for the purpose of eliminating the damages. or it is decided by the court to pay.